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Nicole Campbell
Licensed Therapist

Next Chapter Collaborative is a private counseling practice which strives to provide a safe and productive therapeutic experience for healing and re-authoring our internal narrative. We commit to partnering with our clients to create solution focused interventions, aimed at improving the interpersonal connections we have with ourselves and others. This is not just another dead end process, this is the beginning of your next chapter built from a collaborative relationship with your therapist.

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I began working with Nicole when I was at my personal rock bottom. I didn’t have high hopes for the therapeutic process because of past experiences in counseling. I have now been working with her for two years and couldn’t be more comfortable in our relationship and the support she provides. Nicole has helped me to redefine my beliefs about myself and my worth so that I can make sustainable changes to my life. I appreciate her forthcoming demeanor and her use of humor and real life coping skills in sessions. I highly recommend NCC

- R.S-H., current client


Nicole has given me the tools to regulate my emotions during high-stress situations, trauma triggers, and conflict in personal and work relationships. Nicole provides an unbiased view to help connect the dots to my past to validate my thoughts and feelings, while reminding me to live in the present with a focus on gratitude and self-growth. Through conversation (both light-hearted and deep), role playing, breathing techniques, and an array of sources including yoga classes, meditation, and books on mindfulness and trauma in the body, Nicole has given me the keys to unlocking self-confidence and self-realization in order to create healthy boundaries and become responsible for my own mental health. 

- MG

Working with Nicole of NCC has been invaluable to my clients and my legal strategy. Having her conduct thorough assessments and provide feedback about available resources and services, to strengthen legal cases has had consistent, positive outcomes. She is timely, professional and knowledgeable and I will continue to collaborate with her in my practice as well as recommending her to colleagues. 

- K.Sullivan, J.D., Esq.


Phone (508) 301-7992   | |    Fax: 1(508) 301-7998

1 Knotty Walk, #3, Taunton, MA 02780

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