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Next Chapter Collaborative

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Clinical Services

Next Chapter offers individual, couples, and family therapy, both virtually and in person.  Utilizing framework from narrative therapy, the developmental theory for couples, and a variety of somatic and holistic therapy interventions, we curate a treatment plan based on your needs, goals, and learning style. 

We believe in a humanistic approach that recognizes every individual's inherent value and worth. Through humor, empathy, and a variety of in session tools (sand tray, mindfulness cards, restorative yoga poses, breathwork, grounding activities and more) we strive to create an eclectic and personalized therapy experience that is tailored to your specific goals. We assign homework (when clinically appropriate) and engaging exercises to assist in creating an effective mind/body connection. We are willing to participate in “walk and talk” therapy (when clinically and weather appropriate) and have a variety of identified meeting spots for this service. Workshops and continuing education for clinicians ensure cutting edge treatment options.


Experienced in treating:

  • trauma

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • life transitions

  • grief

  • life/role dissatisfaction 

  • lgbtqia+ allied/informed

  • late life “coming out”

  • mind/body connection 

  • parenting challenges

  • family work 

  • couples 

  • sex and sexuality topics

  • somatic/holistic interventions 

  • PTSD


We also offer intensives (block session 2+ hours) and workshops for those ready to do a deeper, uninterrupted dive. The premise is therapy YOUR way, and by offering private pay services we can collaborate to create the experience you have been seeking without medical diagnoses and documentation. This ultimately protects your privacy and promotes healing without the stipulations and intrusion of insurance and medical model requirements. 

Conflict Resolution

NCC provides professional mediation and conflict reduction services in a variety of settings. After completing a 40 hour comprehensive MA approved workshop at the Divorce Mediation Training Associates, we began to put these skills into practice in sessions and in the community. It became clear that many deeply rooted issues come from the way we communicate and listen to one another. Utilizing a mediation facilitator drastically improves outcomes and paves the way for more peaceful interactions. Conflict resolution is focused on the here and now and is not a therapeutic process. Although history is relevant to the problem it is less relevant to the solution. Conflict can occur in any relationship including in professional settings and can be disruptive to goals and productivity. Reducing and resolving conflict allows for improved cohesion in all arenas. These services are not covered by insurance. 

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Consultation and
Social Work Solutions

As a trained and licensed independent clinical social worker with a majority of my experience as a forensic social worker, I have spent over a decade of my career connecting individuals with services, resources and solutions. I apply that experience to my work with private attorneys and other professionals who require the expertise of a social worker on an as needed basis. I have spent time testifying in court, working closely with professionals at every level of the judicial system, and performing needs based assessments  for court involved individuals . I am an approved vendor for the Committee for Public Counsel Services  in MA, and have participated in advance trainings relevant to forensic social work. This work is done within a social justice framework with an emphasis on anti-racist practice and policy. References and success stories available. These services are not covered by insurance.

Community Activism

We are a practice that believes in the equity and value of all humans and we work tirelessly to engage in and promote activities and collaborations that share our vision. I have spent time serving on a variety of community boards and groups including; Town of Dighton Human Rights Commission, DCF Diversity and Leadership Team and Area Board, and the Taunton Community Crisis Intervention Team. In addition I am a proud supporter and volunteer for the Front Door Agency, where I have conducted workshops for the women in transitional housing as well as being the keynote speaker for several of their events. I am an active member of the National Association of Social Workers and have attended symposiums and state house advocacy events throughout the years. I continue to educate myself and engage in promoting best practice policies  for disenfranchised individuals, as well as working to improve the systems that they interact with. As a result I offer sliding scale fees on an as needed basis in order to further access to mental health services and healing in my community.

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